Are You Taking Precautions at the Workplace? Advice from Emergency Electricians


When at work, it’s important for employees or workers to concentrate on making money for the company. They shouldn’t become distracted or lose time due to lack of a handle on maintenance issues. If there’s an electrical emergency that requires the attention of an emergency electrician or one of many electrical services in Sydney, chances are that work will come to a standstill while repairs are being made.

There are countless 24-hour electrical services to choose from, but we’d recommend that you choose an emergency electrician near you, first. The quicker they can get to the problem, the less the chances of an electrical fire.

Apart from insisting on their installing the right fire detection devices in the workplace, employees or workers should keep the following precautions in mind regarding electrical safety, and notify their manager or the Maintenance Supervisor if they are not being adhered to.

Workplace Electrical Emergency Preventive Measures

Maintain electrical equipment – this reduces the risk of sparks, short circuits, or overheating occurring. It’s also important to report electrical malfunctions and hazards, and leave electrical work up to one of the Sydney commercial electricians – someone licensed and qualified to handle potentially hazardous work.

Keep it clutter-free – this applies to any work environment because clutter can make it more difficult to access emergency exits or fire escapes in case of a fire.

Make electric panels easily accessible – if there’s an electrical emergency, and the electrical panels are blocked by furniture, or other items, it will take more time to shut down the systems than actually necessary.

Take care of the wires – since a lot of electrical equipment and computers are on at the same time, if the wires used in the electrical system are not the capacity or size or quality meant for the load they’re carrying, there’s a risk of overheating or an electrical fire.

You should also report damaged insulation on wires – this is a fire hazard, so if you notice any wires with damaged insulation, report it to your manager or the Maintenance Supervisor. They may get electrical tape to cover the damaged parts while checking where else in the office this problem is occurring, and then arrange to replace all the damaged insulation immediately.

Perform fire safety checks regularly – malfunctioning fire equipment causes a lot of fires, so it’s important to test smoke alarms and other fire detection equipment (to check whether they work) on a monthly basis. There should also be a fire escape plan complete with meeting points and a staff list that’s regularly updated.

Be careful of overhead power lines – if you’re working near electric posts at high altitudes, watch out for overhead power lines. They carry extremely high voltage which, if it comes into contact with someone, can be fatal. It’s recommended that you work at least 10 feet away from these lines, and put up signs and barriers to warn others and reduce the risk of an accident.

The long and the short of it is: if you don’t have electricity at work, or have electrical problems as mentioned above, it affects workers’ or employees’ health and safety, as well as the bottom line. Call a 24-hour electrician or an emergency electrical service for help if you notice any problems with electricity. Whether it’s a restaurant, café, mall, office building, hospital, etc., you’ve a right to work without having to worry about your health and safety.

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